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$tack Society is a multi-media LLC company based out in the city of San Diego, CA. It was an idea created in the mid 2000’s in California. The main purpose of establishing this company is to provide a Multi-Media experience to our clients and fan base. This website is intended to serve a few different purposes, It will showcase a strong music playlist of the artist affiliated with Stack Society. A web store that will sell products created by those involved with the company and a photo gallery of our work including graphics, videos and websites. We plan to build a service page indicating the services we can provide to our future clients. A resources page that will offer articles and videos to help strengthen our members. We hope to help everyone especially the youth become more successful in the future. Also in development for the future will be a artist page for all the members who are involved with the company to spot light the talents of our artist.

Main areas of emphasis include but not limited to are:

  • Providing articles, insights and advice
  • Build a online community for support
  • Provide great entertaining media content
  • Sell hot product to keep our base fresh

We will have a special promotion running for User’s as we get it set-up and we will randomly select a Member of the Month. That member will be entitled to discounts as well as free Merch from our webstore. So sign up and hash tag #JOINMYSOCIETY on all your social media outlets for random prizes as well.

Also Looking for writers, artist and anyone interested in joining Stack Society feel free to contact us

One last thing if you like this website and would like to help us expand, please donate to help the movement, every dollar helps. Thank you and Happy Holidays as we push towards 2019!

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