What is the purpose of the website?

This purpose of this website is to sell clothing, music and one day film based on ideas from the company. The second objective is to sell web and graphic services provided by the staff of the company. The last objective is to add information that could help the youth become more successful in the future. It’s a lifestyle of living which includes, being more educated, learn to be self aware of your environment and to be a strong individual that doesn’t need to follow.

How are you different from the rest?

The thing that will make my website different is that it will mix music, education, fashion and videos into one pot.You will feel like you just went into your room, turned on the music and took their shoes off. The articles, book, and advice I will try to keep fresh but will display acts of personal strength and courage in the material. I think you will enjoy that we want to help make a better you, we want to see you succeed.

What’s in the future for the society?

I would one day hope the forums I create will help teens and young adults interact to help each other with issues as well as get advice from me and the staff I will bring in. I would also in the future like to add a streamed pod cast that users can interact and dial up to be on the show. I would like to bring in guest to the pod cast from book authors to the hot new artist in town for interview.

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