Bounce – SouthBay Hip-Hop Vol #1

Bounce – SouthBay Hip-Hop Vol #1Bounce SouthBay Hip-Hop Vol #1 LPTrack List


Bounce (Angel Langarica) 25 years old, restless and full of ambition, he is a talent that is out to prove to the industry that he is worthy of rocking shows and killing beats with his aggressive delivery on the mic. Born and raised in the streets of South Bay San Diego has prepared this young MC for the drama and non sense that comes with the politics in the game. Bounce is ready to take on any challenges that present itself within the territory he is embarking on. After years in the making and being featured on numerous projects as well as performing at various venues, Bounce is now ready to showcase his solo efforts to the world with the release of SouthBay Hip-Hop Volume #1 Limited Edition. If you in search of that club banger to get the building rocking check out songs like “Toss It Up” “Hands Up” and “619 to 713”. Don’t get it twisted though Bounce can get reflective and lyrical Songs like “They Love it” and “Whats Going On” showcase those abilities the best. Overall SouthBay Hip-Hop is a great sounding album that can be played all the way through, do not sleep on this record or he’ll make you BOUNCE.

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