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Hey all it’s been a while since I came on here to inform you of the new moves in the making. Today I am proud to announce the release of a special bonus track added to A.E.O./Raw Deal’s next upcoming album.

Well one of the reasons for the lack of internet movement on the websites has been the fact that the summer has been a ball. We have enjoyed a few concerts, Comic Con recently and been working as well. We just wrapped up the recording for a music video for the upcoming album and are working on shooting a video for the song we just released today. The song is called “SummerTime” and it features Bounce, Rasan and Ayshia with her nice vocals.

The music video we are working on was filmed by industry camera man Charles Mirador Jr. and is being edited by Voice U R On. We at Stack Society feel real good having such awesome talent work together on this music video. The song is called “Crooked Powers” and will also be featured on the upcoming album.

We can say the summer is real hot! stay tuned and enjoy the tunes.



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